Keyword Staking on Presearch

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Stake PRE on keywords - Advertise for free



We have been covering Presearch on a previous blog page. That’s right, this project where you get the opportunity to earn free crypto while searching the internet. Of course, that was the catchy part. You get much more than that as you are able to preserve your privacy, avoid search engine bias and filter bubbles that would greatly impact the results you get.

But that’s not all Presearch has got in store for you, far from it!

In its way to give back the people the internet that they should always have gotten from back the early 2000’s when it really kicked in, Presearch introduces keyword staking.


Keyword staking


The idea is to enable users to stake their PRE tokens against keywords. Staking means freezing, blocking, or whatever you want to call it. The important thing is that the tokens remain yours, they’re only assigned to the keyword you chose until you choose not to. So basically keyword staking means that you rent a keyword or a set of keywords against an amount of PRE tokens, while that amount is deposited and cannot be used for the time of the rental.

And what do you get in exchange, will you say? Well, you get the opportunity to advertise when a user inputs the keyword you entered.

This is it, at no cost, or almost no cost, you get to redirect traffic to your blog, your site or whatever referral link you want to promote. Moreover, as you can choose the keyword(s) you will be staking, you can optimize the profile of people you will be able to redirect.

That is what we call directional advertising.



Directional advertising


People, projects or organizations that feel the need to advertise are willing to maximize the ratio of people they will be able to convince, which is often named conversion rate. The better the conversion rate is, the more lucrative the ads get.

Keyword ads on search engines are exactly doing this: feeding ads to users based on what they are looking for. Basically, your ads are showing up exactly at the right people and at the exact right time

The big names in the industry have understood that for a long time now, and generate massive benefits from this on a yearly basis. And you can get now a small part of the cake thanks to Presearch and your PRE tokens.

Refer to this article from Blue Corona for in-depth statistics about Pay Per Click Advertising and what you could expect in terms of conversion rates.



Stake PRE tokens


So, interested to let your PRE tokens work for you? Then head on, that’s where you’ll have access at your staking dashboard. See how it looks:


In the keyword search box, we’ve looked for Bitcoin. At first it seemed like a great keyword for our directional advertising. But oh surprise! Bitcoin seems to be already taken. Actually you can still stake the keyword bitcoin, but you will need to “over-stake” whatever the current staker stakes, that is over 1 million PRE. Yeah, that’s a lot, so you won’t do that.

But instead, you can look for a combination of keywords that might cost less or even nothing. For example, we looked for “How to get bitcoin”, and it’s free to stake.

You got it, keyword staking is about anticipating whatever the users you are targeting will input in the search box, while you optimize the staking cost.


To check what an ad looks like in Presearch, we’ve looked for “How to buy Bitcoin”: Here is how the ad link appears:


Check this cool video for an overview of Keyword Staking in Presearch:

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Keyword Staking on Presearch

Stake PRE on keywords - Advertise for free     We have been covering Presearch on a previous blog page. That’s right, this project where