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Welcome to

Our cryptocurrency journey starts in mid-2013 when cryptocurrencies weren’t a big thing.
They were madman’s virtual money. An illusion, like everything else digital, back then.

Fast forward. 2020.

It doesn’t look like much has changed, except Blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies as a whole aren’t madman’s magic internet money anymore, but average Joe’s too.

We used to be average Joe, and we started wondering a long time ago, where and how can we spend cryptocurrencies?

After a lot of research we did, we figured out that there are many places that write about this specific topic, but not in-depth.

We realized that we will have to fill that gap, and focus on individual services that accept cryptocurrencies.

Our SEO is strictly focused on helping Search Engines discover us, while we help companies/projects get discovered through our website.

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