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Get Paid to Search the Internet


Support Decentralization and Earn Crypto while Searching the Web

Many options are available out there when it comes to earning crypto. Faucets, surveys, and other airdrops are some of the possibilities, getting you bits of coins.

Those often require you to “work” or “provide information” to be eligible. Often, offering your personal info (a.k.a. going through a KYC) to be eligible for an airdrop will get you far more than a mere minute spent to solve a shortlink on a faucet site. Nonetheless, your earnings depend on what you give them in order to monetize.

What we’re covering here is a way to earn while searching the internet, without any specific work or information from your end. That’s REAL free crypto and that’s possible with Presearch.

What is Presearch?

Presearch is an “open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform”.

The project is born from the observation that while the world wild web is not owned by anyone, the key to this tremendous world, the world’s map, is in the hands of just a few. This empowers them to just cut you out, and wipe out the publishers from the map altogether.

Less radically, but at least as concerning, monopoly does enable search engine bias and filter bubbles. Search engine bias would filter the results due to political, economic or social forces acting on the search engine. Filter bubbles would be confining the user to customized results, serving filtered information based on past activity history.

Recent studies indicate that over 90% of the aggregated world’s searches are powered by the leader search engine, Google. The first better alternative to the tech giants, DuckDuckGo, falls far behind totaling less than 0.5% of all world’s queries.

Therefore, Presearch aims at cutting out intermediaries like Google, Bing or other Yahoo! by connecting directly the users to the content publishers, for both of the parties’ benefits.

Presearch uses crypto as an incentive for users to use the engine. While doing so, decentralizing their search and keeping the community growing.

See there for the white paper, available in a whopping 15 languages.

Token economics – PRE token

Presearch rewards its users with PRE tokens. PRE is an ERC-20 token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. As such it could be stored in any Ethereum wallet.

At the time of writing, PRE was ranking #732 on CoinMarketCap, with a circulating supply of 155,000,000 PRE out of 170,000,000 PRE total supply.

PRE trades at around 0.011 USD for a total market cap of 1.7 million USD.

You can trade PRE token at the following places:

- HitBTC several pair available, BTC and ETH

- ProBIT several pair available, BTC, USDT and fiat gateway (KRW)

- and of course, one the many DEXes built over Ethereum such as EtherDelta.

You may want to check CoinMarketCap for real-time prices.

Potential earning

Acting as a powerful search engine, Presearch primarily rewards its users each time they’re using the search engine. Each query gets you 0.25 PRE, with a maximum of 8 PRE you can get each day. This translates to a 240 PRE per month for free and without doing anything in particular, with no particular change of habits.

This builds up to around 3 USD per month, which is not much, but still, a pretty nice amount considering there is no particular work required from your end, and most importantly that you’re a working piece towards decentralization.

Note also that the potential token valuation is very promising and you could very well sitting on a pretty amount while the community is growing further.

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