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Focus Games is a site where you can play Casino-like games, earn free FGN tokens and engage with a community of FGN enthusiasts. This page is an attempt to answer the most frequent questions about Focus Games. Frequently Asked Questions

About this FAQ

I am not an English speaker. What do I do?

See down the page? Use this!


I can’t find an answer to my question, what on earth is this FAQ?

Do not hesitate to ask your question in the chat room, available from each game’s page, or there. You’ll always find a nice user or a helping mod to help you out. We will add the most frequent questions to that very list.

Wait, or was the original installment of the site. Now the site has moved after its relaunch and the introduction of FGN tokens. You can now connect via the new URL

Can we deposit?

No, you can’t and you never will. This is not a gambling site, this is a site where you come and play for fun.

Who is mexicantarget?

He is the mastermind behind all of this. If you want to read more about him, you can check this article.

Is there a house edge?

There is, but it is as small as that can be. The goal is that everyone has fun, and you’ll have plenty. 

Slot Machine - how do I know what combination pays out?

Click on payouts below the slot machine, and you should see that:

Wheel of Fortune - How much is the Jackpot

If you’re lucky enough to get it, you’ll get 50 times your multiplier.

Where do I get more credits?

You can either use the FGN faucet or you can earn additional credits participating to surveys in our offerwall.

Why am I not eligible in the offerwall?

Survey and offers providers are often profiling whoever uses their services and may restrict eligibility to some certain countries or user profiles. is not responsible for this.

FGN token

What is FGN token?

FGN stands for Focus Gaming Network. FGN is a TRC20 token: it’s running on the TRON blockchain.

Why the TRON blockchain? I prefer Ethereum!

TRON blockchain offers the possibility to have transfer fees that are nearing zero, which is not the case of Ethereum. You are benefiting from this.

Where do I get FGN?

FGN can be earned in for now, as a reward while playing games, claiming faucet, or with offerwalls. But also with daily challenges, or chat rains. In the near future, more fun is expected with the addition of new applications for the FGN token!

Can I buy/sell FGN tokens?

Absolutely! FGN being a TRC20 token, it can be purchased at the Poloniex DEX, PoloniDEX, at FGN is now tradeable against TRX. For a how-to, visit this page to have a detailed explanation on how to connect to the DEX.

What is the price of FGN?

The price fluctuates depending on the market offer and demand. To check real-time price, see here.

How do I withdraw FGN tokens?

You can withdraw directly to your personal wallet. Top right, select User>Withdrawal to go the withdrawal page or go directly to this page.

Enter an amount and input your FGN address if it’s your first time.

Note that you will be limited on a certain amount daily (currently 5000 FGN for first levels), this will depend on your level. See for the level upgrade page for more details.

The amounts you’ll withdraw will be transferred to your Focus Gaming Network MicroWallet’s account.

I didn’t receive my FGN tokens after I withdrew, what’s happening?

As mentioned above, the amounts you withdraw are transferred to your Focus Gaming Network MicroWallet’s account. From there, they will be transferred automatically to your personal wallet when it reaches 20.000 FGN tokens, and not below. Once you reach 20.000 FGN, please be patient, the transfer is triggered every day at midnight U.K time, so you might need to wait up to 24 hours.

Also note that FGN token will appear automatically in your TronLink wallet provided your address is activated. If not, don’t panic, you can activate by sending some TRX into it.


Focus Gaming Network MicroWallet’s account, what’s that?

This is the place where your tokens will be stored until you get a sufficient amount to transfer to your personal own FGN wallet. Currently, payouts are pending until you reach 20000 FGN. Once you do, it is transferred to your own personal address.

How do I create a FGN address?

FGN = TRC20 token = running on TRON blockchain. Your FGN address is your TRX address. If you have a TRX address you can store your FGN there. If you don’t, it is recommended to use TronLink to create a wallet. For a brief introduction of TronLink, you can check this blog entry. For a step-by-step installation and wallet creation tutorial, check here.

Note that your FGN tokens will appear automatically in your wallet, unless your address is not activated. To activate it, you need to send few trx to it (doesn’t matter how much, but send at least 1 to few trx, it’ll be handy if you want to exchange your FGN later on).


This is the place where the community members interact with each other, and it’s fun. The chat box is available on the left hand side panel, on every games room.


Please do make sure you comply with the chat’s rules. They’re available by clicking on the ? on the top right of the chat box.


A small participation is asked while you connect with the community. You’ll be charged 1 FGN token for each message you send. And it is worth it big time, as you get eligibility to the rain!


Rains are an amount of FGN tokens that are stored in the rainpool. Every hour at the half, at xx:30, the rainpool is shared to 50 lucky active users. This will be you, but be sure you engage with the community. 

Easter Eggs

Try to tip the rainmaster with 420 FGN token and see what happens 🙂

Fun right? Well, try 421, 422, 666, 69 and 100 too. Remember, easter eggs are everywhere 🙂


There’s a lottery organized every hour. You can have a shot if you buy tickets and win big if lucky enough. 

1 ticket = 10 FGN. The more tickets you buy, the bigger chance you stand to get the biggest price.

Note that if you play Roxy (Dice) with a multiplier of at least x100 with 10 bets minimum and that you win, you’ll earn free tickets for the hourly lottery.

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