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Discovery of the TRON ecosystem ; Freeze, Vote and Get Rewarded

This tutorial will briefly present TronLink, acting as a wallet and a powerful gateway to the Tron ecosystem; the freezing process; and the voting to SR candidates. If you follow up to there, you’ll be able to get passively few fractions of TRX every day, without doing anything!

Quick overview of TronLink

TronLink comes usually up as THE recommendation when it comes to choosing a wallet for TRX. It comes in three different flavors: an app for android device, one for iOS version or as a chrome extension. The screenshots and paths given in this tutorial have been done with the chrome extension, although mobile versions are very close to the chrome extension.
Once you open TronLink, you’ll get this:
TronLink Short Presentation
Here below a screenshot of the dApp menu. You’ll find plenty of them, some useful, some less…

dApp menu TronLink


This is an essential mechanism used in the Tron ecosystem.
Freezing coins is when you “block” your coins for a certain period of time. Once frozen, the coins cannot be used, that is you won’t be able to do anything with them, no exchange, no withdrawal, no nothing.
The minimum freezing period is set to 3 days; after this time you’ll be able to “unfreeze” your tokens and use them as you see fit. Note that if you don’t “unfreeze”, then the tokens will be kept frozen.
When selecting “Frozen/Unfrozen”, TronScan will open in your web browser. TronScan is a Tron blockchain explorer. Everything can be seen from there, all transactions, all freeze/unfreeze activities and much more, from all public addresses!
Bandwidth: is a resource obtained by freezing TRX. This resource is necessary when one needs to transfer tokens (TRX or other TRC10 / TRC20 tokens). In case I didn’t have enough bandwidth, I would have to burn fractions of TRX to pay for gas fees… So better have some handy in case coins need to be moved.
Energy: is a resource obtained by freezing TRX. This resource is necessary when using a smart contract or moving TRC20 tokens in addition to Bandwidth. This is also a resource you might want to have.
I do advise to always have both bandwidth and energy at a minimum so you can play safely with dApp’s and never lose fractions of TRX because you miss one or the other resource.
Also, always keep 1 or several TRX unfrozen, just in case…


You can use your frozen TRX to vote, i.e. to choose for a Super Representative (SR). The SR candidate you vote for in exchange of your vote sends you some fractions of TRX or other tokens on a regular basis, depending on the SR candidate
Every 1 frozen TRX gives you 1 vote. If you freeze 10.000 TRX, you’ll get 10.000 votes.
Altogether, there are 27 SR on the Tron blockchain. Simply put, these are the entities that ensure the blockchain to run properly. But there are way more candidates that aspire to be a SR. Among all of those, you may vote for any of them.
If you need to know more about who you are voting for, and how much you’ll get in return, you may want to check this link here that gives the payout amounts per SR candidates:


There are 2 monthly airdrops that you might benefit from. The sole condition is that you need to get at least 100 TRX in your wallet. There are nothing to do other than that, and you will receive:
  • the 11th of each month: airdrop BTT
  • the 28th of each month: airdrop WIN
In addition, there are often some new coins appearing in your wallet. Conditions to receive them depend, but in general, an active wallet with recent transactions might have better chances to get eligibility. If you have some TRX frozen and you have ongoing votes, then your wallet is active as you receive on a regular basis some fractions of TRX from the SR candidate.
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