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Launch of the next-gen Wirex travelcard at the Singapore Fintech Festival


November is a strange month. Pumpkin spice latte season is almost over, but Christmas hasn’t properly kicked off. It’s like the Thursday of months; everyone is just trying to get through it, one step closer to Christmas.

But not at Wirex! The early access launch of the next-gen Wirex travelcard at the Singapore Fintech Festival has made November 2019 one of the biggest months of this year for Wirex. Here are some highlights:

Next-gen Wirex card brings borderless payments to APAC

November saw a huge breakthrough for Wirex – the debut of the next-gen Wirex travelcard, enabling borderless spending in both crypto and traditional currencies throughout the APAC region!

Designed to be the ultimate travel companion, the card empowers customers to pay the way they want, wherever they find themselves around the world. Does your current travelcard let you:

● Enjoy free international ATM withdrawals and traditional currency exchange with no hidden fees?
● Seamlessly spend 150+ currencies at more than 54 million locations worldwide?
● Earn up to 1.5% back in Bitcoin every time you spend in-store?

We didn’t think so:

The multicurrency Wirex travelcard does all of the above and more. There are no card or account management fees, and you also benefit from free traditional currency exchange and free worldwide ATM withdrawals for a limited time to help you get your Wirex journey up-and-running. Plus, the first 2000 people to order and activate their cards will get an exclusive 20 Nano bonus!

The early access Wirex card is part of a wider rollout in the Asia Pacific region. This includes 19 secure, cold-storage traditional and cryptocurrency accounts (in USD, SGD, AUD, JPY, HKD, EUR, GBP, CZK, MXN, CAD, CHF, BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, WXT, DAI, NANO and XLM), as well as access to live Over-The-Counter (OTC) and interbank rates for crypto and traditional currency exchanges – more-or-less the best rates available anywhere.

It also represents a huge step forward in Wirex mission to provide people around the world with customer-centric alternatives to conventional banks and payment platforms – not to mention Wirex overall quest to facilitate the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency economy.

In the words of Wirex founder and CEO Pavel Matveev: 

“We have witnessed an explosion in demand for hybrid fiat and crypto-enabled banking alternatives across Asia. People need payments that are redesigned for the future, allowing them to unlock the full value of their different currencies. The evolution of Wirex’s offering in the region represents more than just the next stage in our growth strategy; it is a tangible example of our mission to provide a genuine alternative to conventional financial services by connecting traditional and digital ecosystems on one borderless payment platform.”

Isn’t it time you joined more than 3 million people who have unlocked a whole new world of borderless payments with Wirex crypto VISA debit card?

I still remember the day I received my Wirex card a year ago, European citizens were among the first to be able to use Wirex.

It came fancy packed, not just another card glued on a piece of paper. Really a nice box that slid open bi-directional.

My Wirex crypto VISA debit card became part of my life, I’m using it weekly for offline as online purchases. Best of all, in my opinion, is the easy OTC transfers and of course the Cryptoback feature which is similar to VISA’s Cashback. So for every spend you do with your card you get a % back in Bitcoin satoshi.

Get early access today!

Also interesting is that BitGo, Stellar and Wirex, are making big partnerships

Earlier this month, top cryptocurrency infrastructure provider BitGo announced that they were adding support for Stellar- based tokens, including WXT (Wirex Token). BitGo is the industry leader for blockchain security and underpins the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, making it the perfect host for the swift and scalable tokens built on the Stellar network. This recent integration makes it easier than ever for exchanges and platforms to host the Wirex Token, so expect to see a lot more about Wirex native cryptocurrency in the near future!

Open an account and order your next-gen Wirex card today.

Did you know you can get Free stellar from Keybase and Coinbase to fund your wirex card ?

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Did you order a Wirex Crypto debit card ? Do you have already one and use it frequently ? Let us know in the comments.

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