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Earn up to $50 Stellar - XLM from Coinbase Earn


Earn XLM for Free from Coinbase

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and people. Learn how it works and you’ll earn XLM.

Learn more about Stellar Lumens - XLM with Coinbase and you’ll earn up to $50 in XLM.

How do I start Earning

  • If you are logged in at Coinbase and eligible, you will be able to start earning crypto immediately.
  • If you are logged in but you do not see the option to earn, please follow the instructions on the banner to complete setting up your account. Coinbase will email you if you are eligible. Note that this might take some time due to popular demand.
  • Note that Coinbase Earn is only available on the web and the Android mobile app currently
  • View earnings by going to the asset-specific wallet on Accounts > Wallet

The tasks to earn XLM

Watch 5 beginner lessons and 1 advanced lesson to start learning about XLM. Each lesson takes just a few minutes to complete at the Coinbase XLM earn page.

  • LESSON 1 - What is Stellar?
    Stellar unites the world’s financial infrastructure so money can flow quickly and cheaply between banks, businesses, and people.
  • LESSON 2 - What are Stellar Lumens (XLM)?
    The Stellar network has its own cryptocurrency, the Stellar Lumen. Lumens facilitate low-cost, universal payments on Stellar.
  • LESSON 3 - Sending remittances with Stellar
    For people sending money to family members overseas, Stellar offers a cheaper, faster alternative to traditional money transfer services.
  • LESSON 4  - How banks, businesses, & people use Stellar
    Stellar lets banks, businesses, and people turn traditional assets, like dollars and euros, into tokens. These tokens can then be transferred and exchanged with any other participant on the Stellar network.
  • LESSON 5 - How does Stellar protect digital assets?
    Digital assets on Stellar are protected by a decentralized global network of computers running Stellar’s open source software. These computers cooperate to confirm legitimate transactions and prevent malicious ones.
  • LESSON 6 - Give your friends the gift of Stellar Lumens
    Invite up to 4 friends to earn XLM too! They can be new or existing Coinbase users. You’ll earn $10 in XLM for each eligible friend who completes a lesson.

After each beginner lesson a simple multiple choice question will be asked, giving the correct answer will award you $2 in XLM and be paid directly to your XLM wallet at Coinbase. The 6th lesson which they call an advanced lesson but is no more than finding some referrals, will grant you $40 in XLM making it a total of $50 you see for free.

Additional Stellar Lumens - XLM info

XLM Chart

Past 24h chart snapshot of Stellar Lumens - XLM at 28 November 2019 - Live price chart can be found here.

About Stellar Lumens

Stellar’s cryptocurrency, the Stellar Lumen (XLM), powers the Stellar payment network. Stellar aims to connect banks, payment systems, and individuals quickly and reliably.

Official Links

Supported Stellar XLM Wallets

What if you don’t want XLM ?

It’s free tokens and you can easy exchange Stellar Lumens - XLM for any other cryptocurrency you wish , check it out at our Exchange page.

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Did you get your free Stellar Lumens - XLM from this airdrop ? Do you like XLM ? Let us know in the comments below

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