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Hotel Booking for Crypto Enthusiasts


Save Money on your Hotel Booking and Earn Crypto

Imagine you’re being offered the guarantee to get the lowest price for your hotel reservation, anytime, anywhere. And oh! wait… you’re also given the opportunity to pay however you want, with FIAT money, or with your crypto assets? Awesome right? And what if you could even earn crypto from cashback on each booking?

Well, this all is possible and available in the same place. I present you: Travala!


Presentation is a hotel booking platform, apparently similar to its other better-known competitors like and the like. It works and feels the same as the other products available on the market:

Travala Screenshot
Screenshot of Travala’s Accomodations Matches

Founded in 2017 during the crypto frenzy, it outlived the bear market that followed the year after and has grown to one of the biggest platforms for hotel bookings all around the world.

Recently, announced a strategic partnership with the leading platform of travel booking: Not only it adds to its credibility and value, but it also enables to enrich greatly its portfolio of properties and make it one of the fastest available right now. has all the advantages of regular Online Travel Agencies (OTA): Centralized servers to ensure users a proper and fast access to the offers, and competitive pricing through aggregation. But, it introduces additional features while taking advantage of the blockchain: transparency and the tokenization for rewards value.

Travelers with a sweet tooth for crypto, ditch all the other options, is the place to go for hotel bookings!


Token economics – AVA token

AVA is the native token of the platform. At the time of writing, AVA was ranking #450 on CoinMarketCap, with a circulating supply of 36,811,295 AVA out of 61,571,086 AVA total supply.

AVA trades at around 0.093 USD, for a total market cap of 4.3 millions USD.

Initially built on NEO, AVA was originally a NEP5 token.

It has migrated only recently to Binance Chain to maximize its token economics, usability, security, and speed. Therefore it is also available now as a BEP2 token (Binance Chain).

You can purchase AVA at the following places:

  • Kucoin Exchange (several pair available, NEO, BTC, ETH or USDT – NEP5 token running on the NEO blockchain)
  • Binance DEX (BEP2 token running on Binance Chain)

Note that the NEP5 version of the token is still in use by

However, announces that all AVA token holders will be able to swap their token from the NEP5 version to its new BEP2 version as soon as the mechanism is ready.


Value proposal and use cases

Best price guarantee:

On average, prices are 15% cheaper than other mainstream booking sites.

However, refunds the difference in form of AVA tokens if a cheaper price can be found on any other website for the same accommodation at the same property and at the same check-in date.

Payment Options:

Travala supports the common payment options usually available for that kind of service: Credit Cards and PayPal.

And of course, you knew it was coming, you can pay with crypto!! Yeah!!!

To this day 21 types of cryptocurrencies are supported.
Granted, AVA, the native token of the platform is an option, among the more popular coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tron, Ethereum, Monero, XRP, NEO just to name a few…

Smart Program:

The smart program is a promotional program where you are proposed to freeze your AVA token for a minimum period of 30 days. You can then benefit from preferential conditions on your bookings, basically giving incremental discounts and cashback based on tiered amounts of AVA you will freeze, as follows:

Tier #Frozen amountDiscountLoyalty
Smart Level 1500 AVA1% discount1% cashback
Smart Level 21000 AVA2% discount2% cashback
Smart Level 32500 AVA3% discount3% cashback
Smart Level 44000 AVA4% discount4% cashback
Smart Level 55000 AVA5% discount5% cashback

Discounts are immediate and directly applied to the price for the property.

Cashbacks are sent to you in the form of AVA token.

Buyback and Burn Program: reviewed recently its token economics and took advantage of its recent move to Binance Chain to introduce a Buyback and Burn Program.

It will take place every quarter, where will repurchase and destroy 20% of its net revenue. This keeps going on until 21,574,086 AVA are burned, hence reducing the total supply of 61,571,086 AVA to a mere 40,000,000 AVA. This represents 35% of the supply.

The first burn will occur in mid-January 2020.

Referral Program:

OK, you’ve been hooked and want to hop on the train of crypto adoption?

Well, you can benefit from a referral program and benefit from a 50 USD worth of AVA cashback on your first booking of 100 USD.

For this, you can ask a friend or a relative that has already a registered account to send you an invite. If you don’t know anyone that could, you can click on the image below to benefit from the offer using our referral:

Travala Referral Program
Click to benefit from the offer


There are some very interesting information provided by that we had the need to share with you. For more information, please refer to this article on their official website:

Make sure you take a look at their tweet and follow them!

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