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Everything you need to know about the HORA Token


The TRC-20 Hora Token is a token on the $TRON blockchain by Hora Games - Crypto Idle Miner which is also their first online mobile game that makes it possible to earn HORA Tokens.

Just like Ethereum ERC-20s companies can create also their own tokens at Tron called TRC-10 or TRC-20. Why Hora Games opted for Tron is in my personal opinion obvious, speed and cost of transactions (free for normal users, and nearly instant transactions).

Where to get a TRC-20 HORA Token address ?

A TRC-20 HORA token address is the same as a Tron TRX address, however be sure you use a TRC compatible wallet or your tokens might be lost. If you own the private keys of your TRX address then you shouldn’t have any problem receiving the tokens.

Wallets that are TRC compatible and can accept HORA Tokens:

  • (available for Android, iOS and a Chrome browser extension)
  • Nano Ledger S & Blue

The above wallets have been tested and can perform receive/send transactions of the HORA token

Do NOT use a TRX address from an exchange or a wallet that doesn’t support all TRC tokens or your coins will be lost forever if you withdraw from inside the game to such a TRX address (eg Binance, Exodus, etc …)

How to get TRC-20 HORA Tokens ?

There are various ways to earn/get HORA tokens

What are the Promo Codes to get FREE TRC-20 HORA Tokens ?

Following codes can be used and redeemed at Crypto Idle Miner at your in game profile. Promo codes can only be redeemed once and some have a expire date.

  • FH2019 (500 HORA)
  • MT2019 (500 HORA)
  • WELCOME (200 HORA)

Follow Crypto Idle miner on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to get updates of new promo codes and game updates.

Where to trade (buy/sell) TRC-20 HORA Tokens ?

The HORA Token is fairly new and therefor not widely available at cryptocurrency exchanges but the list is growing, currently you have the choice of two decentralized exchanges and one centralized exchange to trade HORA tokens.

  • TRX Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) that integrate with tronlink or Ledger. (Energy needed as these are smart contract trades)
  • Centralized Exchanges

Is there a blockchain explorer for HORA Tokens ?

You can easy track your HORA Tokens on the tronscan blockchain explorer. As you can see in the above screenshot you will also see the current market price of Hora fetched from Poloniex DEX in TRX and total value of your HORA tokens in TRX and USD.

Check out this Game Trailer of Crypto Idle Miner


Note : Don’t be mistaken when you check the token at coinmarketcap, coingecko or any other tracker, TRC-20 HORA is NOT the ETH ERC-20 token called HORA, 2 total different cryptocurrency tokens and different price tag, volume, market cap, etc …

Do you hold HORA Tokens ? Did you trade them for other cryptocurrencies ? What do you think of the methods to earn this TRX based token? Let us know in the comments below.

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