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Earn Crypto on Discord


Join the Community - Earn Crypto

Blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies have at their core the decentralization of whatever services they propose an alternative to.

The key component of decentralization comes down to the user base. Consequently, many projects are focusing on building and maintaining a large active community, often the key to the project’s success.

Some of them choose to rewards the community with crypto, and in particular on their Discord servers.

Discord is a chat and voice over IP platform, initially used by gamers. But it is also very popular for community-driven projects and in particular blockchain and cryptocurrency. The program is available on computers and mobile devices alike. It can be downloaded on their official website for free for the following platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

There are quite a few discord servers that are worth joining and where you’ll be rewarded by helping to promote the project, participating in marketing activities or just being there.
Two distinct kinds of servers exist. The first ones are owned by blockchain projects themselves that feel the need to maintain their community and reward users for their fidelity and support.

You will be able to collect only the coin of the said project in that case. On the second type of servers, you may receive many different coins, depending on who is raining them and what promotions the server is focusing on at the time.

Servers of blockchain projects

The following are listed by alphabetic orders and doesn’t reflect any preference or appreciation we might have. All of them are definitively worth joining, and you will be rewarded significantly by doing so.

Those servers work more or less the same: you will earn crypto of the blockchain project. Your coins are managed by a bot that you can interact with.
As always, it is advised to withdraw as soon as you get a significant amount. Indeed, not your keys, not your coins.

Energi – Earn NRG

Energi positions itself as a disruptive technology, being the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance & Self-funding Treasury.

To know more about this interesting project, you are invited to visit their website available in a whopping 13 languages here. Also, you can read their whitepaper there.

Energi is known to promote heavily its project and maintaining a strong community of followers. For example, they completed a massive airdrop in 2019 (what they called Earndrop) valued at around 6.5 million USD at the time. It still continues to share the wealth via their discord servers, while raining pieces and bits of coins any time of the day/night.

Join Energi discord server here.

Note that you will need to verify your discord account with your phone number (no complete KYC though). Once on the server, enter the #energi-rain channel and participate to get eligibility for free coins.

Helios – Earn HLS

Helios Protocol is a self-scaling decentralized application and decentralized web-hosting platform based on DAG + blockchains. The project defines itself as an open-source community-driven project.

Visit Helios’ website here, or consult their whitepaper for a deeper understanding there.

Helios is building what they call the Helios Army, an elite group of dedicated members and anyone can enroll. Helios rewards the members of its Army based on the rank reached on a monthly basis. The more you complete tasks and bounties, the higher rank you are, and the higher the reward you will get.

Join the Helios Protocol server here.

NIX platform – Earn NIX

NIX platform focus on privacy. It aims at fueling anonymity-focused decentralized applications (dApps), privacy swaps and smart contracts. In particular and when completely deployed it will offer the possibility to users to exchange between any currencies privately, guaranteeing that any traces leading back to you are wiped out.

For further read about this ambitious project, you may want to check their website and for a further understanding the whitepaper and roadmap. 

Although arguably smaller than other servers listed here, the community is very vibrant, and your stay on the NIX server will surely be an enjoyable one. You may want to join the #ghost-squad channel for eligibility on the rains, but there are also other ways to earn NIX coins, missions (typically like and retweets), bounties (write reviews, etc), and even a playroom where you can gamble your NIX in hope to get more.

Join the NIX platform server here.

Vitae – Earn VITAE

Vitae is building a Social Rewards website with an advertising platform allowing crypto advertising. By doing so, they expect to see all crypto projects move from traditional platforms (say Google / Facebook just to name those two) and reroute their marketing efforts on the Vitae platform.

More about the project: RoadmapWhitepaper.

In essence deeply rooted in Social Network, Vitae is developing and maintaining a large community, including via its Discord server. Frequent raining on active users.

Join Vitae discord server here.

To get eligibility for getting some Vitae coins, you will need to join the #vitae-rains channel and make sure you are active by engaging with the community.

Other servers:

There are many other servers that you can benefit from and earn from. These are servers specialized in the promotion of crypto projects. As a user, you may benefit from those promotions and you will see many rains pouring from several random coins. All the coins you will receive are managed by one or several bots, that you will need to identify and interact with. To name a few: panda bot, or Rock’n’Rain bot.

The list below doesn’t pretend to list them all, and by any means, please feel free to feed us with the server you are in if you deem it relevant.

Again, solely in alphabetic order:

Best Crypto Choice

Best Crypto Choice [BCC] offers the possibility to crypto projects to advertise on their platform. Many ways to earn crypto there, airdrops, giveaways, and rains.

Join BCC discord server here.

Moon Crypto

Moon Crypto is also very active and daily rains many different coins. There are games, rains, and bounties of many forms.

Join Moon Crypto’s discord server here.




For different ways to earn crypto, see the post on airdrops here.

Any discord server you would like to appear on this list? Reach to us by letting us know in the comments!!!

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