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Cryptocurrency Airdrops = FREE MONEY.



You probably have heard that term before.  If you haven’t, we are glad we are the first to present it to you.


What are airdrops? Why should you care?
Why would anyone care?
Well. In simple words, it means FREE CRYPTOCURRENCY.

Who doesn’t like FREE?
Or, who doesn’t like money?
Imagine getting free money for literally doing nothing, or some times doing a few clicks and spend 1 minute of your time and get 1-5 dollars.

Wait, this makes no sense.
What am I talking about?
This is confusing. FREE CRYPTOCURRENCY?

This is where we get serious.

I present you

A project dedicated to bring value to its users by telling them where the free money is. 
They focus on providing information on which companies are giving free cryptocurrency to either Ethereum holders or other coin/blockchain holders.

There are 3 ways you can get those free airdrops through their website.

The first one is the mother of all airdrops.
It’s the…


Direct airdrops
into your personal wallet, or exchange wallet. This literally requires you do -nothing-, but own a wallet address,
(Exchanges usually won’t credit airdrops, so it’s better you hold your own keys/addresses/wallets(!) in order you get the maximum possible of all airdrops.)


The second option you will see on the site are airdrops that are given to you by being on which are a bit different than the “HOLDER AIRDROPS”.
Twitter airdrops require you to do some things.

For example:

THIS airdrop asks you to (own a twitter account. Duh!)  download their wallet, follow them on their twitter account, medium account, and turn on your notifications, so they can inform you about the latest news about their project. 
Then you’d need to retweet a specific tweet they want to share with everyone on twitter.

There’s a requirement for this specific airdrop.
You need to have a minimum of 50 followers.

Here’s a hack on how you can get 50 followers. Follow people on twitter and you will get follow backs.
Make sure you follow cryptocurrency users, so you bring value to the projects you promote.
Your reward is $1 in that specific airdrop/giveaway. 
$1 earned in less than 1 minute. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?


Telegram airdrops are very similar to twitter airdrops. You are being asked to do a small task which lasts a minute to a few minutes. 
It’s mostly following, tweeting, retweeting and sharing content on other platforms.


Why do they give free cryptocurrency?

For example, Peter’s company has a great business idea but doesn’t want to spend money on marketing which can be costly and in many cases time-consuming until they see a positive ROI (Return Of Investment).
For that reason they will create their own token on top of a blockchain, like Ethereum, or TRON, and “airdrop” their own token based on some criteria.

What criteria, you ask?

They might decide to gift cryptocurrency to specific users who use a specific exchange, or they can do general airdrops, by scanning a blockchain for active addresses and sending magic internet money to those addresses.

Why not get some extra cryptocurrency by spending 5-10 minutes per day helping a company promote its products or services and get some cryptocurrency for doing no hard work?

This is the end of another story.
See you next time!

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