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CashApp is the future. 330 million potential users?!


China has WeChat, the rest have Jack Dorsey’s CashAPP.

Does the handle @jack on twitter ring you a bell?

Are you serious?
You probably are serious, and that’s okay!

His net worth is $5 billion. You could say he did some right business decisions in his life and knows what’s he doing.

Jack. Dorsey.
Twitter’s CEO.
Square’s CEO.

He has a beard.
He’s a punk spirit, knows the solutions to nowadays problems,
he’s a caring and charismatic person.

He’s a very cool guy, he loves bitcoin and crypto, and he fights for it.

You probably noticed his twitter bio description if you looked at his twitter profile. (…Go look at his twitter profile, I’ll wait.)

“#bitcoin” - A short and lovely bio description.

He’s probably married, too. (This was the boring part of the research ((sorry!)), so let’s stick to our main topic, his newest virtual baby, CashAPP).


WWW dot CASH dot APP

You could say that he’s a very important factor for the entire world. He owns one of the top 10 biggest social media platforms, twitter.

When you run a platform that has 330 million (330.000.000) active users per month, and ~45% (145 million)  of that number active per day, you can probably market anything and make it bloom.

Imagine promoting a mobile application that can be used on iPhones (iPhone official download link) and Android (Android official download link) devices, that allows you to buy crypto fast, send money fast, spend money (not so fast!! Save your monies for the future!), buy stocks for as little as $1, and the most important, save money, for a better future.

CashAPP  (Twitter link, app links in quoted text) costs you 2 minutes of your time to install and setup.
That’s considered free.

Regarding security, there are 2 very safe options that you can use and protect your precious and 1 that people don’t understand how to use because it’s very complex. The common password method.

Face ID,
Touch ID,
and the ancient way, the commonly known password, a string of letters and numbers that can be hacked, because you probably use your pet’s name as a password and hackers can brute force in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to cashing out your funds, it’s almost instant. It takes 1 minute to move funds from the app to the bank.
Sell bitcoin > Send to bank > Get instant deposit > Withdraw money from your local ATM, and that’s it. Easy peasy.

They also offer you a bada$$ looking credit card that will make your friends want to own it too. You can custom design it.

There’s no better topics to talk about than bitcoin and money nowadays. Grab one today.
(I will personally be getting one for my crypto adventures.)

Their app also allows you to get instant discounts when using the credit card 
Those discounts are called “Boosts” and can be applied to Cash Card purchases, instantly.

Go in the app, select the Boost you want, and…
THAT’S IT. You’re the baws. (You’re the boss, boomer.)

Personally, I am not a fan of stocks, because they are more complex to follow, due to many factors that I won’t be discussing here, but.
The application allows you to buy any stocks you want, for as little as 1 dollar.
Buy stocks. Hold. Get bankrupt?

Just kidding, just buy bitcoin. (This isn’t financial advice. I am not a financial advisor, but I personally recommend to my friends to invest in cryptocurrency projects, since they won’t sue me if something goes wrong. Let’s be friends!
DYOR!. That’s how you have more chances to minimize your risks.)

Aaaand, probably, the most important option that the APP offers is:

Paycheck deposits.
If you are getting a salary, you could tell to your lovely boss to pay you through the APP that uses the old ACH system, which is nothing more than an account in a bank that uses routing numbers.
In simple words, just another bank that allows you to get instant FIAT payments.

Until next time, I love you.


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