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What is Bitcoin VPS Hosting?



 Using cryptocurrency for making an online payment is not a new trend; the currency was made for the same purpose.
Among the many options that are available for the users, not all of them are trustworthy. However, Bitcoin is the most renowned, trustworthy and at times the most appropriate. To be more specific, Bitcoin is not just only a digital currency but a complete digital asset that was invented and published by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008.

At the beginning of 2009, granting, many major online shops or service providers did not adopt Bitcoin, a significant number of minor and low-key digital service providers had started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Presently, almost all digital major and minor shops and service providers accept and prefer Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies.

The biggest reason why the shops and service providers were not accepting Bitcoin was the consistent fluctuating and lack of security against chargeback options. This, exactly, is why one needs to be extra careful while selecting a Bitcoin Hosting Provider.

While the seller is protected from frauds like fake or stolen PayPal accounts or falsified chargebacks, the buyer or payer is at a high risk of falling for a swindle or never getting what you paid for. Thus, certain safety measures need to be taken before one gets makes payments using this particular currency.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

A VPS hosting environment imitates a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment, technically, it is both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS Hosting is a type of web hosting account you can pick from, to host your website online. Managing a server or setting it up could be challenging and costly. Therefore, buying web hosting makes it simpler for a normal person to host a website by renting space on a web server.

A shared VPS service acts in the same way as a computer with several operating systems that are inter-switchable without restarting the computer. The virtualized operating system performances as if each one of them was a dedicated server. This allows you to have all of the profits of a devoted server at a section of the total.

Along with providing you the benefits of having a dedicated server, the VPS hosting provides a user with features like privacy, control of a dedicated server and user-friendly customization. Although, the problem arises when the VPS asks for rent payment. The best way to pay for a VPS host is by using a Bitcoin. However, special care must be purchasing for trading using the currency.

Nevertheless, there are numerous issues, worth having considered when deciding to use VPS for any type of payment. The following is why one should buy VPS using Bitcoin:

  • Secure and Anonymous: Bitcoin was invented to make private transactions from one end to another without creating a large money trail. Thus, making VPS payments would be completely private and not hold any personal information.
  • and Independent: Bitcoins are decentralized independent and unregulated. There is no way for third parties to interrupt transactions of the user or freeze accounts. It also frees one from the complexities of national currencies.
  • Transactions: Bitcoin transaction is as fast as sending an email. The transactions are done with the click of a mouse, irrespective of the distance.


Purchasing VPS Hosting with Bitcoin

There are many phases that you should consider before buying a VPS or any other type of hosting service using Bitcoins. Proper guidance is required to avoid any kind of money waste.

Buy Or “Mine” Bitcoin: First, we need to purchase Bitcoins by the process of mining or by purchasing them on from a Bitcoin market, such as Bitstamp. It is a highly recommended exchange service. However, if you are interested in Mining a Bitcoin, the best method is to join a mining pool. Mining Bitcoins through your PC or Server is an unworthy idea.


  • Find Bitcoin VPS Provider: After obtaining the Bitcoins, the next step will be searching the best hosting platform that would assent Bitcoin as a payment system. For a good number of suggestions, it is recommended that you search using Google. Amongst the many servers that accept Bitcoins, but not all of them can be trusted.


  • Verify the VPS Hosting Provider: After selecting a VPS provider, you need to verify it and not directly move to make payments. As was mentioned previously, the Bitcoins have no way of issuing a chargeback or reverting a Bitcoin transfer, due to the anonymous-ness of the payment method.


Safety from Fraudulent VPS Providers

The best features that interest a person to buy or invest in a Bitcoin are basically, the most prominent factors increasing the risks of a swindle. The anonymous-ness, non-chargebacks or no back transfers make it a very easy platform for scammers or criminals. This happens more than we can imagine, that a website is made with the best possible features to intrigue you, you pay with your Bitcoin but never receive any service as the crooks just keep the money for themselves.

Hence, making sure that the service you selected is reputable and an established Bitcoin VPS hosting provider before making any payment. For this purpose, we recommend performing the steps listed below:


1.     Research: Search on Google “provider name + reviews” for knowing what the previous users have to say about the Host.



2.     Social Media: Search social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for reviews on the host. Any serious VPS provider will have a social media account and a minimum of 200 to 300 followers and likes. You must check Facebook reviews as well.


3.     WHOIS Lookup: Next, you need to search on ICANN WHOIS, the domain name of the provider. This will provide the contact information of the registrant as well as the date the domain has been registered. For best safety results, it is advised that the domain you select is registered at least 2 to 3 years ago and has actual contact details of the company and not some sham information.


Let us for example, take a website such as On searching ICANN WHOIS, you should see a proper contact detail of a company along with well-managed Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is preferable that you only select a host that has a company background, as it is easier to fake a human than creating a fake company.


4.     Payment: Once you have checked the complete details of VPS Host, only then make the payment.



5.     Review: It is highly advised that you give the providing host a review on all for helping other users too.


Conclusion about Bitcoin for Hosting Payments

For making payments for online purchases and services like VPS Hosting, Bitcoin is a great, secure and easy way. Another big advantage is that the payments are usually immediate. Besides, there is no problem like currency exchange rates and taxes on trade. Due to this, some countries have banned the use of cryptocurrency but the use of VPS can overcome that as well.

The only problematic issue is the fact that there is no option to return payment. This makes it compulsory to research the service providers afore making any payment.


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