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Bitcoin VPS Hosting - Why should you choose it


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the right choice for webmasters, resellers, developers and for those who run resource-intensive websites. 

The most difficult part, however, is choosing the right Bitcoin VPS Hosting that suits your project’s needs.

So let’s break down what your needs could be for choosing the right Virtual Private Server.

  • Resources needed
    • RAM (memory)
    • CPU (processors)
    • Hard Disk Space
  • Operating System
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • Backend Operations
    • Managed
    • Unmanaged
  • Location (important but often neglected)
  • Customer Support

How much resources would you require


If you are going to have numerous websites running at your Bitcoin VPS Hosting, you’ll need more RAM which is logical. A good start to be safe regarding RAM usage for a VPS would be 8 GB. If your websites are media-intensive, then you will need more than just 8GB but upgrades should be easy through your Bitcoin VPS Hosting.

Processors (CPU)

The latest Intel Xeon or Intel Optanel servers provide effortless resource allocation because of multiple cores. Choosing how many cores you need depends also on the amount of background processes you will execute this goes often hand in hand with amount of memory you have, CPU hungry applications tends to use also a lot of memory.

Hard Disk space

Hard disk storage space will always be bigger and more inexpensive compared to SSD drives. But a solid-state drive is recommended for a VPS hosting.

Solid-state drives are fast , the performance is remarkable better and transfer speeds are more than the traditional hard disks. Another plus point is that SSD’s are resilient during power failures, which makes them a perfect fit for Bitcoin VPS hosting.

Choosing for a SSD over a traditional hard disk present day is necessary, your VPS RAM and CPU will most likely be faster so you need an equally faster storage drive to service those requests and that’s where choosing for a SSD comes in play. 

Choosing the Operating System

There are many choices you get for choosing the operating system you want for your Bitcoin VPS hosting. The most common are Linux and Windows.

Linux is an open-source operating system and is cheaper than windows which can have a big impact on the price of your VPS Hosting.

Windows Bitcoin VPS hosting can be preferred if you are developing in .NET or if you have applications that are designed for the Windows platform but this comes at a more expensive price tag.

Both (Windows or Linux) have advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss in a follow up article.

Backend Operations

Bitcoin VPS hosting, managed or unmanaged?

If you think that you have the skills to handle backend operations of the server, in other words performing software updates, patches and security you can opt for unmanaged Bitcoin VPS Hosting. Unmanaged can save you some money but requires time and technical knowledge and not to forget follow up and check if updates or patches are released for your Virtual Private Server constantly.

If you prefer not to be burdened with software updates, security patches, etc then you can get your Bitcoin Web Hosting company to do that for you. They will manage the backend operations at a extra cost, often this extra cost is neglectable due to the time you will save with a managed option.

Location of your Bitcoin Hosting Company

Choosing the location is very important, you will have to see which audience/visitors you want to reach and give a optimal site loading speed. So if you look for UK customers it would be normal to choose a Bitcoin VPS Hosting that has a United Kingdom location.

You also need to think about your business need of protecting the customer data. US-based web hosting companies need to have a near open-door policy for governmental access of sensitive data. 

Bitcoin VPS hosting in Canada is highly reliable for the protection of user data, if you need security, choosing for a Canadian Bitcoin VPS host might be beneficial for you.

Customer Support

You want your website to be running at all times and expect that the Bitcoin Hosting Company you hired for your VPS hosting is responsive. 

You’ll want responsive people for your support in times of emergencies. If your website starts experiencing problems or if it is being targeted by hackers, then you will need an expert team for your support which will help to recover your website/VPS.

Customer support should be available 24/7. The team should be able to defend your Bitcoin VPS against hackers and their attacks.


In short, when choosing a Bitcoin VPS Hosting you should 

  • Identify and understand your hosting needs. Server resources/specs (like CPU, RAM, hard drive capacity,  …) and server location, our preferred partner is namecheap.
  • Define your budget (monthly price, setup fees, extra features, …)
  • Identify your technical/customer support needs (Do you need Professional services for Managed servers, or unmanaged if you have the technical skills or within your team)

Do you use Bitcoin VPS Hosting or planning to, let us know in the comments below


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