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What is a PTC site?


In this post, we will explain what are PTC sites, OfferWall sites, Pay To Sign Up sites, how do they work, how to earn Bitcoin by doing PTC, and everything we think you should know about them.


We will be using as our main example for this post. is a website operated by Mexicantarget, former owner of,, and current site

A PTC website is a Pay To Click website.

Users register in order to do simple tasks, like, clicking on a link, opening it in another tab, or watching it in an iFrame inside of the site they are located at that same moment. In exchange, they earn bitcoin.

The links users open are mostly websites from advertisers who want their projects and services to be seen by a bigger amount of internet users.
Other users use PTC websites as a way to gain more referral/affiliate partners and build up their passive income.

Affiliate/referral marketing works the best through PTC websites, because users discover new sites where they can push their own referral links, and gain more from other users working for them, while they sleep.
This is a vicious cycle that gets more and more people discovering PTC websites and allowing them to earn.

This sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
- Warren Buffett

Because of the quote above, we believe that everyone should be able to gain passive income while they sleep.
Warren Buffett isn’t a multi-billionaire because he figured out PTC sites, but because he figured out the fact that building up your income slowly and re-investing it in businesses that bring you passive income, can bring you financial freedom.


Is there a difference between you building affiliate links and Warren Buffett investing in businesses that bring passive income, while he sleeps?
I think not, and I bet you don’t think that either.

 How do PTC sites pay?

Usually, the old model was to send you money via PayPal,  and other virtual bank systems, which would charge you a decent amount for fees.

Users would request a withdraw for example 2 dollars, and they would get $1.75 as their balance.
Like we mentioned at the start of this post, we are using as our main example. allows you to withdraw your earned funds via Bitcoin on, through Payeer and will be allowing users to withdraw Bitcoin directly at some point in the far, far future.

Make sure you hit them minimum allowed to withdraw before you attempt to withdraw Bitcoin out from the site mentioned, or just promote your affiliate links with your earnings, to build up your passive daily income!

What is an OfferWall site? (OW)

An OfferWall website is a site that gets advertisements through offers. For example:
You have a mobile application that wants to attract more users, so you go to offer providers and pay them to list your application under their offers, and then the websites that have OfferWalls installed on their platform serve you those offers.
Most of those advertisers expect you to spend money inside of their applications. This isn’t a must. Some of them require you to gain X level in-game, or complete a task.

Some of those sites can be very profitable for you, including, since focuses on the best quality of offer providers and makes sure their users get paid after completing an offer and fulfilling the requirements they were asked for.
OfferWalls tend to be one of the most profitable things you can do online and earn Bitcoin.

Surveys. Those. Damn. Surveys.

You probably have done a survey, or two, or many more than two. Or you might haven’t done any in your life.

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to generate income.

You give information to the site, they ask you questions they need to be answered, and voila.
You. Get. Paid. For. Answering. Questions.

This isn’t hard to do at all, as long as you can invest 1, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes of your time.
Some advertisers will pay you up to $50 for surveys, in case they find your answers interesting.
Why not earn Bitcoin in a way that requires you nothing more than answer some simple questions?

Watch videos and earn money?

Is this even possible?!

Heck. Yes!

It’s possible. will allow you to watch videos through their official partners’ service and you will be able to bank with MINIMUM EFFORT.
Did you hear that?


All you will have to do is watch videos. Those videos are made by creators who wish to promote their products and services through informative videos that aren’t boring like some other formats of advertising.

One thing to keep in mind. Such services need to protect themselves and they might have a small delay in paying you, so they just make sure you are not obtaining your reward through illegal activities.
This stands for every other option on how to earn bitcoin online written in this post. So, by keeping that in mind, do not spam your website owner, or video/offer/survey providers.
They try hard to satisfy you, but they have to protect themselves also.

Pay To Sign Up?

PTSU or Pay To Sign Up are petty lucrative offers that you will love.
You literally get paid to sign up for a service and try it out / test it, work on it, or even purchase items and goods from it.
This is probably one of the best advertising/monetization options for advertisers who are looking for fast conversions.

Lately, a lot of bitcoin apps that launched had a hard time advertising their projects through iOS and Android stores, due to policies that aren’t catching up with the advancing of today’s technology.
Don’t live under a rock. Follow the evolution of technology and use the right means to promote your goodies.

For that reason, more and more bitcoin application developers tend to promote their amazing applications through Pay To Sign Up website.

I am an advertiser and I want to convert’s traffic. What should I do?

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is to register on and explore the best options for you and your project/product/company/service. will be adding more options to convert their traffic for your needs, so make sure you stay updated by joining the site and taking a look every now and then.

Thank you for reading this post and wish everyone good luck, and don’t forget. Cryptocurrencies are a real thing, no matter who says what. Eventually, they will become our primary currency. Call it Bitcoin, Digital Dollar, or any fancy name that people might come up with.
For that reason, I advise you to stack them sats and enjoy life!


This post was written by Mexicantarget, the owner of the sites mentioned in this blog post.


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