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WARNING! uSwap airdrop is a scam!


uSwap, the scam Airdrop that has 46k+ users hooked on telegram.


Hello, everyone.

Yesterday, we wrote about an airdrop, called uSwap.

You know when something is way too good to be true, and it ends up a scam?
Well, this is the case here.

uSwap marketed their airdrop through telegram, where you would get $50 per every person you referred to the site.
We at AcceptingCrypto managed to get 130+ so far, at the time of writing this post.

Suddenly yesterday, the telegram channel stops working, because of the huge traffic volume it was getting, the admins had to disable it.
A lot of people asked genuine questions and simply disappeared from the chat.

After a few hours, a wild pinned message pops.

A token sale? ICO? Why didn’t you mention anything about this on your website?
/me check the website. Website has some made up stuff that couldn’t fool a 13 year old.

Back to the 
Everyone who asked a question like:

Would simply disappear and his message would get deleted.
Weird, huh?

After we noticed that we tried it ourselves.

Right after my message got deleted, I got banned from the group.

So, I am writing this post just to let you know to not invest any money into that scam, and share it with everyone you shared your referral link, so they don’t invest any money and get burned. It will be your fault.

I am writing this ASAP as I discovered it’s a scam, so I can let know people who registered through my link.

This is the token sale address, so you can keep an eye on how much they manage to steal from users:

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