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uSwap Airdrop, $1000 for free on October 30th!


Earn $1000 for free from uSwap Airdrop on 30th of October, 2020!

A few hours ago I found out about an Airdrop that will give $1000 in a stable coin, so I’ll share it with you.

uSwap is creating an decentralized exchange, and they are promoting it by giving users free money. 
Sounds crazy, I know, but as you know, that’s crypto.

How to get $1000?

You need to have telegram and a account. (They don’t care if you have 1, or 101.000 followers on telegram)
For a wallet, you can use the Metamask browser extension or any other Ethereum wallet where you control your private keys and can receive ETH tokens.

After you have downloaded telegram, use the link below to join the channel:

They will ask you 3 things.

1) Join their main group,
2) Join their newsgroup
3) Follow them on twitter.

and, that should be it.

Setting up is easy and pretty straightforward with their telegram bot.

On October 30th we will be able to withdraw our tokens!

Wish you good luck and spend your earnings wisely!

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