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Microwallet script



MicroWallet  script for site owners and the future of the faucet industry

A simple script designed to allow FH sites and website owners to bridge compatibility with their sites and use their own hosted wallets.

Keep in mind, script development started today. I will be updating with “X” each field that I finish, in the list below.
A new post will be created when the script gets published.

Please follow this facebook page for all the relevant updates. I will post all info on facebook, since most of users have a facebook account. 




= Functionality =

The script has no user registration, no individual user functionality, and requires the admin to set an access password in the configuration file which is then checked when accessing the admin page. There is no ability to share the micro wallet with multiple users except for the admin and wallet owner. For this reason, the admin can create an unlimited number of API keys but all of them send from the same wallets.


== Check Balance page ==
A public page to check the balance for an address. This is for users to check their balances and withdraw status.

== Admin page ==
A page providing the following sections:

- List of all pending payouts from configured API keys, their status (withdrawn, pending), and ability to cancel
- API key manager, to add, name and delete API keys
- Wallet manager, to see wallet balances and deposit addresses
- API Docs and API request log, for script admin to track API requests and see implementation details

Script is provided “as is” with no bug fixes or warranty, no licenses.


- [X] Create core framework with DB basic access: $completed 14 Nov 2019 12:13PM$
     - [X] Settings and configuration skeleton $completed 14 Nov 2019 12:13PM$
     - [X] Routing & pages $completed 14 Nov 2019 12:13PM$
     - [X] Template intergration $completed 14 Nov 2019 12:13PM$
     - [X] Dummy page for easily creating new pages $completed 14 Nov 2019 12:13PM$
- [X] Import core functionality from FH: $completed 21 Nov 2019 04:54PM$
     - [X] API key structure $completed 19 Nov 2019 02:57PM$
     - [X] Public API structure: $completed 19 Nov 2019 04:19PM$
          - [X] Detection and parsing of API method url & parameters $completed 19 Nov 2019 04:19PM$
          - [X] Functions for each available API method $completed 19 Nov 2019 04:19PM$
     - [X] Deposit & Withdraw processing: $completed 19 Nov 2019 04:19PM$
          - [X] Wallet framework $completed 18 Nov 2019 08:02PM$
          - [X] Daemon connectivity framework $completed 19 Nov 2019 04:19PM$
     - [X] Background processors: $completed 21 Nov 2019 04:54PM$
          - [X] Withdraw system $completed 21 Nov 2019 04:54PM$
          - [X] Wallet uptime checker $completed 19 Nov 2019 04:19PM$
          - [X] Balance sync $completed 19 Nov 2019 09:33PM$
- [o] Pages: $started 14 Nov 2019 02:05PM$
     - [O] Admin pages: $started 14 Nov 2019 02:05PM$
          - [X] base page: $completed 18 Nov 2019 08:00PM$
               - [X] login & logout
               - [X] tabs/navigation between sections $completed 18 Nov 2019 08:00PM$
          - [ ] Payout manager
          - [X] API key manager $completed 18 Nov 2019 08:00PM$
          - [X] Wallet manager $completed 18 Nov 2019 03:38PM$
          - [X] Cronjob manager $completed 21 Nov 2019 04:34PM$
          - [.] API docs & requests list $started 21 Nov 2019 04:42PM$
     - [o] Public pages: $started 14 Nov 2019 02:05PM$
          - [ ] Check balance page:
               - [ ] List of payouts received with name of site
               - [ ] List of withdraws with their status
          - [.] Index page: $started 18 Nov 2019 08:02PM$
               - [X] check balance section
               - [ ] list of withdraws
               - [ ] list of supported wallets
          - [X] Extra pages (about, contact, terms, privacy)
- [.] Optional feature ideas: $started 18 Nov 2019 06:44PM$
     - [ ] Ability to ban addresses
     - [ ] IP blocker
     - [ ] API key rate limits
     - [X] ACL for API keys $completed 21 Nov 2019 04:59PM$


The script is done.

Please visit this page and follow the instructions.

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  • Reddit


  1. This is so amazing! I am speechless for the things you are doing. Congratulations for all of you for believing in the better world. Now I can believe too. Thank you so much!!!!!!

    • I’m very glad to hear that, Monstashez.
      Keep an eye on this blog, since we will be posting content that will help you gain traction in your website hosting journey.

  2. Hello Mates my i know how much it cost me to upload the script and who is trust to upload for me and the cost Maybe @Peter help me for these info Thanks

      • I’m Really sorry for that @Peter that i look for to much for someone to upload it to me and one tell me not working the ether ask much money i would be happy if you recommend some website/someone to uplaod to me with fair price i will be greatful much mate .

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