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How To play Crypto Idle Miner from your PC !


Do you want to earn Hora Tokens with Crypto Idle Miner but don’t have a smartphone or tablet for the game ?

Don’t despair, in this article we will explain how you can play and earn Hora Tokens with the mobile game Crypto Idle Miner (CIM) without the need of having a smartphone or tablet.

Crypto Idle Miner is a mobile game for Android and iOS smartphones/tablets developed by Hora Games. If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet you can still play it from a PC by using an Android Emulator.

What is an android emulator ?

Android Emulator software is as it says an application which can emulate or run an android operating system in your desktop or laptop for users who don’t have a smartphone or tablet.

Where can I download an Android Emulator ?

I suggest to use BlueStacks as Android Emulator to play Crypto Idle Miner, you can find BlueStacks here for your system

Installing BlueStacks & Crypto Idle Miner

Let’s start with BlueStacks

  • Download BlueStacks from the official website
  • Install as any other Windows Application
  • Start the Application (The first startup can take some time)
  • Create or use an existing Google account (The first verification process can take some time)

Once you have finished the above steps you should have a blank desktop on BlueStacks with a Google App Store

When the install is finished you can open Crypto Idle Miner and start playing it, we advise to create a HORA Games account in game so that your progress is saved.

You can easy place it on top of whatever you do at your PC, below is a screenshot of BlueStacks with Crypto Idle Miner loaded on top of another website.

Does it really work ?

We have tested BlueStacks with Crypto Idle Miner on an old PC with a minimum of specifications to make sure most if not all users that don’t own a smartphone or tablet could play it. The installation was slow but gameplay was fluent as it should be, no hiccups at all. Do know that the Hora Games team does not deliver support for android emulator issues with their game(s).

Why should you play this game ?

Because it’s fun and also has an educational level of how ‘real’ mining works as trading etc … next to that you will also earn weekly Hora Tokens based on your in game rank which you can keep or trade for other cryptocurrencies easy.

Where can I find more information about the Hora Token ?

You can check out the following article we made ‘Everything you want to know about the HORA Token‘. This article will give you information where to store, trade, buy, sell and much more.

Bonus usage

You can use an android emulator to install other applications to test out or play without filling up your smartphone or tablet memory/storage.

Do you play this game with the Bluestacks android emulator or any other emulator ? Do you like the game ? Let us know in the comments below.

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