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Bitcoin Hosting


Hosting for Bitcoin

The world is fast-changing, don’t get left out. 

The systems of the world are going through significant changes, changes that are worth being a part of. These changes go from the way we communicate to the way we handle payments.

You’ve most probably heard of Bitcoin and how it is revolutionizing businesses all over the world. It is changing the way we as people buy and sell and the way we view money as a form of exchange.
This significant change in the financial system has affected how we pay for different things. Some e-commerce stores now take Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin has also changed the way we pay to host our websites. Hosting platforms used to accept bank deposits, PayPal, and other forms of institutional payments.

Now, hosting platforms are shifting to accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment because of its many benefits.


What is Hosting?

Ever wondered how you can access information through websites in different parts of the world right in your comfort zone?
Web hosting is an answer that is responsible for a considerable part of you being able to do this.

Hosting your website for millions of people to see is simply the act of putting it onto a publicly accessible computer.

A publicly accessible computer is a computing device that is always on and ready to take requests from the public.
A web host is an internet service provider whose sole job is to provide you all the needed services and technology to make your hosted web pages available.

Web hosting is the backbone of the Internet. It is the key component to why the Internet is accessible all around the world.

Bitcoin and Hosting?

Earlier, the role of a web host was mentioned.
The web host ensures your web page or app gets all the system resources that ensure it runs smoothly when the public or whoever is given access tries to access it.
This service isn’t free, and you have to pay a minimal fee to enjoy this service. Web hosts usually have different plans that you, as a user, can choose from in exchange for a fee. 

In the past, this fee used to be paid through bank deposits, PayPal, and other institutional tools for payment. This form of payment is sensitive to burdensome regulations and charges that reflect on the web host plans available for users to purchase.

However, web hosts who offer ‘hosting for Bitcoin’ services allow you to pay with Bitcoin instead of the usual forms of payment. Using Bitcoin to pay for your hosting services guarantees your anonymity and can even result in lower fees when compared with paying with your credit card and all.



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